Living in a share house

Living in a share house can be a great way to reduce the cost of renting and make friends. But as experienced sharers will tell you, sometimes a few house rules are needed to keep things running smoothly. Just how structured or unstructured the living arrangements will be generally depends on the particular group of people. Before you move in it’s important to find out what the situation is and decide whether you think you will fit in.

Living arrangements are never set in stone and will change as housemates come and go or just with the different stages in the year. For example, things may fall apart during holidays, or in a student house, around exams.

Current tenancy laws are not always helpful in dealing with share housing arrangements and disputes, which is why it is important to communicate with your housemates before serious problems arise. Everyone in the house needs to be clear about what is going on and committed to ensuring that the house functions in a fair and just manner for everyone. This need not be a difficult task, but it should be discussed and agreed on from the outset.

Share houses can be organised in many different ways from total independence to the happy family. The main issues to work out from the beginning will be the payment of rent, food and kitty arrangements, household chores and bills.

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