Tenants’ advice services

The following services will give advice and assistance to tenants only – they will not help landlords. If you are ringing as a head-tenant seeking advice on how to evict a sub-tenant, many of these services will not be able to assist you because you are in the position of a landlord. You should contact the Office of Fair Trading for help.

These services were set up in 1995. As well as generalist tenancy workers, some services employ Aboriginal workers and workers for tenants from a non-English speaking background.

Tenants NSW

Tenants NSW provides factsheets and sample letters in various languages covering problems tenants may encounter. It also provides advice through Tenants’ Advice Line (open from 3pm to 6pm on Monday) and a referral service to your local tenants’ advice services.

Tenants’ advice line

Ph: 02 8117 3750 or 1800 251 101

Website: www.tenants.org.au

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