Tips for finding a new housemate

1. Spread the word

Tell your friends and family. This way, you can find someone you know you can trust!

2. Log on

Advertise your place on social media, such as Facebook or Twitter. Create a Facebook event, put up the details of your share house and ask your friends to invite anyone who they think might be interested. Ot join one of the pre-existing groups on Facebook like the Inner West Housemates group.

3. Post an ad online

There are now many great websites to help you find a housemate such as,,,, and

Most universities also provide an accommodation listing service for students and private landlords. This could be a particularly good option if your house is close to a university (see Contact Points).

4. Go local

Put up signs in your local area. However, try the other methods first, as putting up signs can be expensive and take up a lot of time.

Inspection and Interview

Once you’ve placed an ad, the next step is to organise an inspection and meet the potential housemates. If there are more than a couple of people interested in the room, arrange a specific time for inspection. This will save you from wasting time showing the place around to a bunch of people.

Be honest about your house and housemates. If you have a copy of the lease, read it beforehand so that you can answer any questions.

Get a checklist of what to include in the ad here.