Useful resources

Get a copy of:

– A Sharehousing Agreement

– A Condition Report Checklist

– A checklist to assess prospective housemates

– An agreement to Transfer form

– A checklist of what to include in the ad when looking for a new housemate

– A Consent to sub-let form

– A rental checklist

Boarders and Lodgers Information Kit

Practical and legal information for boarders and lodgers in NSW. Available for download at

NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) Application Form and Factsheets

NCAT application form and factsheets on NCAT hearing. Available for download at

Tenants NSW Factsheets and Sample Letters

Factsheets on various tenancy issues, plus sample letters. Available for download at

NSW Fair Trading

Factsheets on starting a tenancy, problems during a tenancy and ending a tenancy, as well as the Residential Tenancies Act 2010, Residential Tenancy Agreement and all Renting Services forms. Available for download at

Residential Tenancies Act and Regulations

The provisions of the Act and Regulations can be found online: or