Weekly expenses

Below is an estimate of weekly expenses for a room in a low-budget share house:

Rent                               $120 – 300
Food                               $100
Kitty                                $0 – 20
Electricity/gas                 $15 – 30
Water usage                   $5 – 10
Phone/internet                $10 – 20
TOTAL (per week)          $250 – 480

Don’t forget other expenses such as travel, study expenses, and going out!


When you move into a new share house, make sure you get your mail redirected so that your mail doesn’t end up in your old address. For a fee, you can get your mail redirected by filling out a form at an Australian Post retail outlet or by filling out an application online at www.movingservices.com.au (see Contact Points).


When moving in, you may have to provide your own furniture, depending on whether or not you move into an already furnished place, and whether you want your own furniture or you’re happy with what’s already in your room. If you need to move furniture from your current place, arrange a removalist in advance. If you need to buy furniture, you may want to try your local second hand furniture store, Vinnies, garage sales in your neighbourhood or websites like www.gumtree.com.au. They offer furniture at relatively cheap prices and some people are willing to give their furniture for free if you can arrange the delivery.